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Congrats, Will!

Learn and Remeber This name Too:

Nicolas Cachanosky, the 2nd guy from the left in the same photo.

Nicolas has very interesting papers about Mises on Inflation and Mises and Fractional Reserves.

And we was also awarded a prize at the ASC in Groove City for his paper about Mises and Coase.

He is a great mind and an insightful economist. Congratulations, Will!

I want to second Ivo's praise for Nic Cachanosky's work. You can read one of his essays on Mises' definition of inflation here:

Congratulations for the winners! They are the future of Austrian Economics!

Just let you know that Nicolas also won the last Vernon Smith Prize from ECAEF.

Not bad for a cousin of the Austrian School;-)

Thanks for the kind words, Pete.
Congrats also to Nicolas Cachanosky and Per Bylund.

Since we're in braggin' mode I'll just mention that my student Per Bylund (the tall guy in the middle) was the third winner, for an interesting and insightful paper on the political economy of firm boundaries.

I'm a little late picking up on this thread but thought I'd chime in anyway. I delivered the Hans Sennholz memorial lecture on Friday night to open the conference. I stayed for the sessions the next day and saw a number of the student presentations and was quite impressed. Jeff Herbener does a great job putting the conference together and I encourage students to participate in the event in the future.

And also, since we are in bragging mode, Nicolas Cachanosky happens to be a Ph.D. student here at Suffolk and my TA. This is the second year in a row that a Suffolk student has won an award at the conference. I expect to send more students of this caliber to the conference again next year.

Congrats to all of this year's winners and participants.

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