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A little story about Lord Peter Bauer, brought to mind by the running of the Melbourne
Cup two days ago. The Melbourne Cup stops the nation and it is the one day of the year when every single Australian places a bet on the races. It was 1989 on the day of the Melbourne Cup. In the office of the Centre For Independent Studies in Sydney we were simultaneously preparing to welcome Lord Peter Bauer on his way to Christchurch for a Mont Pelerin meeting and getting ready for a special lunch and race-watching interlude in the afternoon. Suddenly we were seized with dread. What would a Lord of the British realm and a world famous intellectual think about all the frivolous activities that are associated with the Cup - funny hats, drinking at mid-day etc?

In the event, all was well. Peter Bauer was not a stuffed shirt, though he did have a line in shirts. More to the point, he was the son of a bookmaker. He loved the turf and he was completely in his element on the day. We gave him some official function in the festivities and he was as happy as a Lord (albeit sober).

Great post as usual. I like your writing style. Thank you.

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