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Hey Pete,

How about a baseball reference for those of us midwestern rednecks who don't follow fancypants sports like tennis and soccer? ;-)

A "cannot miss" prospect who never makes it, versus the guy who goes undrafted, but becomes a superstar. Billy Bean was supposed to be a can't miss prospect, he didn't make it, and it made him suspicious of all the measures used to determine "cannot miss".

Read Money Ball by Michael Lewis. In discussing one catcher prospect, the scouts said "look at his body-type Billy, he just isn't very athletic". Or something to that affect. Bean pointed out that the prospect led the SEC in various categories and then added --- "We are not hiring him to try on jeans guys."

It is important not to get derailed by looking at obvious factors, but must look at accomplishments in playing.

Reminds me a quote the football coach at my high school was fond of repeating: "Hard work beats out talent if talent doesn't work hard."

Yes, like the phrase: Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Talent is not all that great without hard work.

Yogi Berra didn't fit the athletic body stereotype either, but he didn't do too badly as a catcher for the jankees.
(A one-time colleague of mine, a loyal Mets fine, came up with the word "jankees" the same year he came up with "Mike Dukankas.")

Note that IQ is a trained skill.

Proof? There are countries with nearly twice the IQ of others (some African countries have IQ in the 60 range, while South Korea and Hong Kong has an average IQ of nearly 110). Statistics show that this is a difference too great to be explained by being smarter, but only, better educated (unless you believe in the "theory" of different human races).

IQ is a skill that measures the speed of simple mental processing of written data. That is most valuable to modern office jobs.

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