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I saw it. I told my daughter, before hearing the question, that the Daily Double's answer would be Milton Friedman. I was correct.

The final answer in that category was not played because they ran out of time. I was expecting it to be John Kenneth Galbraith.

Yeah, we're right down there with "hockey quotes" too!

Great video!

That was hysterical, thank you.

How can anyone miss _____Curve? Or the author of Free to Choose?

I nailed that entire segment (I'll admit, I forgot Laffer's first name).


While I did know all these answers, I am quite sure a few years ago I would not. Who knows Milton Friedman had a PBS program? The Bentham answer was really a give away, as was Laffer Curve---both relying on unconscious "stimulus-response" reactions. Adding that Adam Smith was a "Scot" simplified the answer for those who knew he was a "Scot" and made it more difficult for those who did not.

Not sure what it means. I still think most people think economists are just people who disagree with each other over concepts which are unknowable. I think economists think that too.

This is worse than contestants do on "Modern Poetry".

Those were all ridiculously easy, although I will disagree with the previous commenter and say that the answer to the last one would have been Keynes, not Galbraith (had the answer been a person). Although given how easy the other questions were, I would not be surprised if the last one was "_____ economics"

Anyone? Bueller?

Voodoo Economics.

It's like Ben Stein asking the high school students about the Smoot-Hawley tariff in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

Things are fairly simple when you think about it: when your goal is excellent (and fast!) customer service, you focus on getting enough knowledgable staff to handle your busiest times and to keep the customers from having to wait. I

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