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Thank you very much for making this essay available on the WWW! From where I am, the closest copy of your book is at the university library in Geneva... :o(

Christoph, Austro-hippie (make good economics, not war ;o) at the foot of the Mont-Pèlerin

Could you post your response in a dfferent format. I can't read it. Thanks.

Did you try clicking on the pieces themselves, which opens a new window with larger print? that works for me.

I'm not computer savvy enough to upload in another way.

Great paper. I have read entirely too little serious scholarly debate between the more SDAE/RAE/GMU and the MisesInstitute/strong-Rothbardian/purist-Misesian branches of the Austrian school. This was really quite helpful in placing that debate into a scholarly context.

BTW, I made a pdf of the very readable graphics of your book chapter. I'll try to find an email address for you and send it to you today.

Where's the rest? I was just wondering about testability and falsifyability among the schools of economic thought, and why there seems to be so little. And here is a paper that dives right into it, but I didn't get to read the parts where you test Austrian school dogma and the results. Can you post more?

A reply.

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