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I wonder if DeLong will call everyone on this list "ethics free Republican hacks" too. After all if you are not a Keynesian, then you must be a Republican hack.

Voting on this tonight, right? I doubt whether sensible views will be heard.

A blogger named "Nice Deb" made a list of Obama false statements -- the list went into the multiple dozens before she stopped adding more to her list.

Obama's "memoir" is full of made up stuff and essentially lies about who he is and what his life was like. The thing is not at all an honest document.

Get used to it. Obama is a master b*llsh*tter in philosopher Harry Frankfurt's sense, recounted in his well know article "Bullshit".

I recommend the article to everyone who wants to make sense of what we are in for in the next 8 years.

I'm glad to see the opposing forces are taking out ads and putting forth their ideas as a group. I believe the same thing happened before Hoover signed the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act in 1930. Let's hope that this gets better attention

Matt R., I'm not making fun of you--I agree with what you wrote--but it's pretty funny, if you think about it. We are screwed.

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