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Thank you, Pete. This means more to men than I can say.

Oops. Being an editor, not a proof reader, I'd like to edit my own previous comment: This means more to ME [striking "men"] than I can say.

Hear hear!

I second Pete's post. Sheldon is a superlative editor and through the excellent job he does with The Freeman contributes in an impressive and important way to our cause. Thank you, Sheldon.

Not a bad way to start the new year.

It's not hard to do a job well - but to do it well consistently over so many years is truly commendable.

Way to go Sheldon.

Thanks Pete for the compliment of my article. It means more to women than I can say.


Bob, tsk, tsk. I'll send your comment over to the copy editor asap.

Thanks, all.

Congrats, Sheldon!

Pete, this means more to me than man can say!

There are sports that are beyond the physical effort to a sport that puts all your abilities is prueva are what make the difference as all it requires quick thinking combined the physical dexterity that's the best poems of this sport is that so-called white sport is one of my favorites ..

I have this dream of one day running my family like a well-organized, stimulating boarding school. Each night after the kids go to bed, I'll lay out the fun and educational activities for the next day, prepare healthy meals and then have time for five miles on the treadmill, a bubble bath and an Ogilvie Home Perm.

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