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Don't miss this Youtube video featuring the Schechter case:

Wonderful, thoughtful, post. I enjoyed the book (just finished it last week) as well, although it was a bit short on the economic analysis. I am surprised you hadn't heard about the Schechter brothers before, as it was the first major Supreme Court hit on the New Deal. I has read about them in that context before, and it always speaks a bit about their Kosher code, although not in as much detail as Shlaes.

It is interesting to note that apparently (according to Shlaes) the Schechters still voted for FDR *All 4 Times* - in other words, even after all the prosecution. If they never turned their back on him, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the rest of the left-leaning NY Jewish community wouldn't either.

Thanks for this... I'm going to share this story with my (liberal, FDR/New Deal-drooling) Jewish relatives

This is a great post. I'm proud to say I had heard of the Schecters before S. Horowitz but didn't know all the details.

I keep botching your name. Horwitz! Sorry. I think I keep confusing you with the neo-con David Horowitz.

"First, there’s a terrific dissertation waiting to be written that explores the Laws of Kashrut as a set of informal institutions that serve as a non-governmental health code."

I recall a joke in Chicago that kosher hot dogs were popular at the ballpark because it was harder to bribe a rabbi than a city food inspector...

Why should it surprise you that they kept voting for FDR. Liberalism is a mental illness. They keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

I remember this case from law school. It was in my Consitutional Law book, I believe. I'm at work now, but I have the book at home. I'll send you the info for the book, if you want it.

I didn't realize that overbearing EU regulation of matters like the size and shape of fruit had something in common with the New Deal. Thanks for a great post.

So you're saying the series focuses on convicted traitors (who are also Jewish) and ignores the story of good, patriotic, capitalistic Americans (who are also Jewish) - lovely, I am so sorry I missed it.

When I was a high school junior in 1967-68, I remember a paragraph or two in our American history book about the Schecter case. I was very impressed by the Schecter victory as, even then, I wasn't a great fan of the New Deal.

I could be wrong, but I think our text was Commager and Morison's "Growth of the American Republic." I wonder if Schecter makes it into any of today's high school history books.

Holdfast - I didn't say it "focused" on the Rosenbergs, only that it mentions them. The series does have a slightly left-leaning stance to it in its points of emphasis, but that only reflects the similar left-leanings of American Jews, and it certainly does not detract from the very good historical story it tells, which is a very positive portrayal of Jewish contributions to the US.

In my last post, please read "Schechter" for each instance of "Schecter."

I am proud to be a Jew from Brooklyn. I am even more proud to be a Republican Jew from Brooklyn!

Interestingly, the New York Times of Nov. 4, 1936 reported that all 16 adult members of the Schechter family disclosed that they had voted for FDR's re-election over Alf Landon in 1936.

i love this

we are looking at this case at my lawschool.this is really interesting

Here is proof positive that Obamas america was tried before and thanks to a couple of small time jewish butchers FDR's extreme socialist new deal was defeated. We can only pray that there are modern day Schecter's out there willing to sacrifice and fight the Obama progresive-socialist machine of today or we will all face a knock on the door by the new NRA.

I just heard about the book on Michael Savage this evening. I have sent this post to family and friends. This book is one that I must read. We must take these learings to defeat NObamaCare

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