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That summer of 1975, Hayek was a visiting scholar at the Institute for Humane Studies, when it was still headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

There was, also a group of young Austrians at IHS that summer including Jerry O'Driscoll, Sudha Shenoy, Roger Garrision, John Egger, Don Lavoie, Gary Short, Larry White, myself, and some others.

Hayek went off to the Meet the Press interview, and was then going on to the Second Austrian Economics conference at the University of Hartford in Connecticut, where many of us were also in attendance.

We told Hayek before he left that we would be watching carefully to make sure that he did not "leak."

So I like to think that Hayek's principled and uncompromising answers were (at least partly) due our collective "threat" of our monitoring what he said.

It was thrilling to see him live on U.S. televion on one of the most prominent and watched Sunday news shows.

It is a delight to hear his voice, once again. The Mises Institute has performed another valuable service.

Richard Ebeling

There should be a video out there since it was a tv program. Does anyone know where it might be?

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