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So why it is good that the school teaches only one point of view? Even if others teach only "leftism" why isn't the correct thing to have a "balanced" program -- to encourage exposure to many kinds of ideas? Liberal education.


Why is it bad that a particular school would teach only one point of view? If all schools taught one point of view, then students would not have much in the way of choice. However, this would lead to an opportunity for an entrepreneur to open up a school with a different perspective. This seems to be the case for Francisco Marroquin University. Very few schools offer such a perspective, especially, I would think in Guatemala.

I would hardly think that this school has such a monopoly on ideas in Guatemala that if Francisco Marroquin University does not expose its students to socialism, environmentalism, and Keynes then its students will not any opportunities for exposure to such leftist’s ideas.

Why should opera houses only expose its patrons only to opera? Why not have a more "balanced" program by having a rock concert during the intermission to exposes its customers to other types of music? Why should cars have power steering and power windows? Why not have a more “balanced” car with manual steering and power widows?


There is a tendency in life to expose yourself only to ideas you suspect you will agree with. Much of this is inevitable and has no easy cure. However,going to a university is a unique time of life when smart people should "force" students to take a wide variety of ideas seriously. Students will find it very difficult to do this on their own because they do not have adequate knowledge about knowledge.


Steve didn't say that it only teaches one point of view, and it doesn't. It can still be a bastion of liberalism and Austrianism though. In much the same way as GMU could be. Plus, learning at University is about so much more than learning in the classroom. SO worry not, intelligent students will seek out a range if stimuli, while others will only ever expose themselves to things they agree with.


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