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Thanks Chris. What's great about that piece is also this bit:

"No one who is familiar with economic thought since the Second World War will be surprised at this. Scholars such as F. A. von Hayek, James Buchanan and Gordon Tullock have taught us that it is really nothing more than a terminological error to label governments "public" and corporations "private" when it is the latter that often have the strongest incentives to respond to social needs."

Can't ask for a more knowledgeable print media column that that, esp. in one of the two big Canadian dailies.

It is nice to see Dr. Horwitz receive the media attention that he clearly deserves. I have tremendous respect for your work and research in Austrian economics.

And its great that private business can get its moment too. A lot of talk about how FEMA failed, but little about who actually helped. A few words about the Red Cross and so forth, but not a whisper about folks like Wal-Mart (the shop I love to love).

So, thanks. Good work.

Yes congrats on the work. And kudos go out to Wal-Mart which has shown again and again that these folks always do more than they need to. How many of the mom and pop stores could could have helped... had they wanted to do so? And I am not s sure anybody failed the people of New Orleans. It was a huge amount of water. We are seeing the same now in the midwest. Yet we don't see the same outcries that anybody is failing anyone. I think everybody who should have helped with Katrina did what they could... and we are learning alot of people did way more than they needed to.

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