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Congragulations Dr. Peter L. Must be that good Mason education!

yo ho yo ho!

Congradulations Peter!

I congratulate Pete Leeson for these marvelous achievements, yes indeed.

The Invisible Hook. Gee, I wish I came up with that title. I like it!

Congratulations, Pete! Does someone know the last time an article appeared in the JPE without equations?

Thanks, guys! Your kind words are much appreciated!

Another three point basket for the George Mason Program!

I just read the article, great article!

What a great mornin'...
Hello!!! how you doing!? hope you're fine!! This blog is just amazing, i believe you're talking right about everything in your blog!!!
Guess you're very clever to see the things in that way, you make my day.....
Have a nice day!!!

Áron Berki
4943 Hidden Pond Road
Nashville, TN 37212

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