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I can clearly see your disgust with these new economic theories. Stop bitching. Start questioning your free market dogmatism from time to time, ok? These economists didnt get their Nobel prize for nothing.

Well, you have completely misunderstood what I write so perhaps we should find a way to talk rather than accuse one another of things that don't lead us anywhere except to an inability to understand one another.

Dr. Boettke,

You are far too charitable in trying to understand MOix. He doesn't even know why these men won the Nobel Prize let alone understand why they undertook the task that won them the prize or the implications of the theory being wrong...or right.

Perhaps MOix could tell a know-nothing like me why I'm wrong about him (if I am) and do me the pleasure of explaining the "thing" that won these guys the Nobel, the Austrian ideas behind what drive the research and why it answers Hayek's challenge from over 60 years ago (if it even does).

Otherwise, MOix can go back to dailyKos or some other silly blog and tell his BS anti-market drivel to receptive people who equal him in mental density and economic fantasy...not to mention narrow-mindedness. Oh the irony of so many modern liberals. I can't believe I used to be one.

You said this Nobel Prize illustrates the fact that it is a lagging rather than a leading indicator and that can be interpreted as a rather denigrating remark. I think it is actually a leading indicator. Hayek´s Nobel Prize also illustrates this point.
Also technical, mathematical economics is hard work, often harder than the "merely" literary, verbal economics. So yes these economists surely deserve the Nobel Prize.

Good post Dr Boettke. Idiots like MOix do not deserve to be addressed, even.

Life should begin with age and its privileges and accumulations, and end with youth and its capacity to splendidly enjoy such advantages. Do you agree?

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