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Many years ago in correspondence I told Popper that all the problems of philosophy could be found by making a close study of cricket but sadly he did not ask for an explanation. He missed the chance to learn about cricket and football in New Zealand where his closest associate, Colin Simkin, was a lover of classical music and spurned manly outdoor games.

For example the problem of induction arises from trying to predict what a batsman will score in his next innings, based on his previous record.
Beyond that there are all the problems of explanation in the human sciences.

Out of that analysis came the need for a theory of objective/public/shared ideas. This was thoughtfully provided by some Austrians and others, although it is generally overlooked.

That piece (from 1985) is not new but nobody has ever asked enough questions to prompt further detailed development although this is a more recent scan on the general line of thought.

I am betting that this movement towards "objective knowledge" (alongside subjective knowledge and interacting with it) has more to offer the human sciences than the long march through Gadamer and the hermeneutic turn. Still, maybe they are complementary lines of thought.

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