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I have a question regarding Austrian economics and Christian Science. The Austrian economists here seem to use the CS monitor as a regular source for economic and policy news. Is there a particular reason for this? Is there a link between the modern Austrian school (I am not aware of any historic link) and Christian science. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Frederic - good post about the minimum wage. I agree. There is so much bad economic thinking around the minimum wage these days.

Here is an article from the Washington Post that shows how a minimum wage increase can effect a community. It certainly has a bend to its "positive" effects and anti-Walmart stance, but it does show the problem with increasing the minimum wage.

To my knowledge there is no link between AE and Christian Science. And the CSM is just one source of news among many.

I don't know about the CS connection but during the Popper Conference in Vienna a person from the US told me with a straight face that the Mises Institute had been taken over by Roman Catholics. He was paying for lunch so I felt obliged to be polite (is this corruption or just good manners?).

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