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Nice work Diana! But what about thanking Chris Coyne and Peter Leeson as well:)

PS Don't tell anyone, but I like to think of it as my blog as well.

Bernard Mandeville's example of the making of a piece of crimson cloth - The Fable of the Bees. Many see this example as the inspiration for Adam Smith (Hayek does, Viner doesn't).

I think St. Augustine used some references to local knowledge and free association in his tome "City of God." One quote I remember is (paraphrased): "The happiness of a city and the happiness of the individual spring from the same source, since a city is nothing else than a multitude of individuals in harmonious association."

If we are looking at cooperative efforts to produce a product, at a rather different scale from the pencil and the cloth there are examples of motor cars that are put together with bits and pieces from several countries. Details elude me but they would be readily available.

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