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Check out Snow Crash, the main character is a wealthy property owner in the cyber reality but a pizza delivery man in reality.

One interesting difference between the cyber and the real world would be that there can be no losses associated with personal violence in the cyber world. You can damage someone's property but not kill, rape, or beat them. Physical property violations like theft and vandalism have an easier settlement possibility grounded in restitution than does physically harming another human being. Mostly because the sentencing sollution is grounded in a value more easily communicated to all potential third parties. Despite the personal relationship you might have with your car, everyone has a pretty good idea as to what the market price of a car is and how costly it would be to get you another one in the case that someone damaged or stole yours. WE don't have markets in people, so the costs of loosing a loved one to murder or experiencing rape are less recognizable and subject to more variance i n outcomes.

In reality, the legal history dealing with murder and other non-recompensable crimes have fueled legitimacy arguments for deterance to be included as a principle of justice. The argument goes soemthing like: "there are some things can never be made right, so institutions must prevent them from happening in the first place." I think this line of reasoning is an impatience and ends up disrupting otherwise responsive institutions.

Well those heinous actions wouldn't exist in the cyber world would they? so I don't think deterrence would have a place in any institutionalized cyber legal system.

PS you guys should add a search bar to your blog...

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