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A few random thoughts. 1. Taking up Jacoby's point about intellectuals in the universities, it is only since WW2 that significant numbers of people went to uni and of course only a small number stayed on prewar, so most of the literate people with an interest in ideas were outside.
2. On clear speaking and writing: academics need to regularly give properly prepared talks to lay audiences so they have to stop speaking in the jargon of their sect. This has the benefit that when you stop talking the code you may find it does not make sense in plain English, in which case it probably does not make sense at all.
3. What has happened to old fashioned curiosity about ideas? I am gobsmacked by the number of people who hit my website and look at one single solitary page. If I had found my site as a student I would have at least glanced at every single page.
4. Pete, has my parcel arrived yet? Probably not, it went surface mail.
5. Be alert to important thinkers who have fallen under the radar. One of them just might have the ideas you were looking for.

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