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Great post, Pete!

I found President Merten's comments interesting (via ESPN):

'Merten acknowledged that while the university has had two Nobel Prize winners since 1986, the reality is that, at the presidential level, the Final Four can drive conversation.

"I'm going to be at a different table now," Merten said. "I walked by a room the other day that had 10 of our top biologists, some of the best in the world. I walk by and I hear one guy say, 'I was worried about the score at halftime [when Mason was down seven to North Carolina].' So, they weren't talking biology. What this means to us, we don't know yet. One thing it does mean is that we did it right. We did it right."'

More thoughts and a roundup of news and opinions about the game here:

As a GMU alumni, I especially enjoyed your post. Thanks for giving credit to George Johnson and Alan Merten. I put a link to your post in my blog entry today:

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