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Two thumbs up, well done!

Is that Lipsey looking like Jack Sparrow, with the bandana and red sash? :)


Yes that is the infamous Peter Lipsey.

This was the first time I have been dressed up in costume since the Halloween party of 1986 and the infamous first-date for Mr and Mrs Horwitz. I'd love to get some photos of that --- Selgin as Menger, Boudreaux as Yeager, Wayne Gabel as pumpkin head, and Steve Horwitz as Curley.

I was dressed as a clown, a few years earlier I went to a college Halloween party dressed as a Smurf. I am thinking of bringing that look back.


Oh I have pictures from that party. One of my trips down there this fall, I'll bring them. I have a great shot of Dave as whatever the hell he was - a Miss Peach character or something. I have a good one of Boudreaux as Yeager and one of Tyler also.

It was also, of course, the same weekend as the infamous Friday afternoon High-Coppin seminar on the Pure Food and Drug Act, and the, uh, rather messy events that followed it. Quite a 48 hours in the lore of the GMU program in those days!

Leeson, please don't ever write a book on the economics of streaking.

Murphy wins the thread! :)

Leeson... Seriously, eat a sandwich. You can afford it now.

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