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On your word I watched five minutes of that crap. I won't be fooled again.

On your word, I watched five minutes of that crap. I won't be fooled again.



One of the best Rush songs ever --- though I also like subdivision as well. But what I really want to know is where can I get the spinning neal pert figure playing the drums that was in front of Geddy Lee? I want to buy one for my son!

There is something amazingly charming about you still following faithfully a band you feel in love with in HS. A year ago I took a 5 hour ride by myself and I listed to the complete collected works of Bob Dylan and I am convinced that he is the best protest song writer ever ... Hurricane is passionate. But it also doesn't hurt that it involved a case that was from Patterson, NJ and that Rubin Carter was imprisioned not far from my house (yes I grew up not far from a state prision) and even had to visit the prision in MS as part of a "scared straight" program from the 1970s.


Well I enjoyed it for a change of pace. Thanks Steve! Have to admit I stopped watching when the singing started.

One of the best songs ever, gee, sorry Pete, that just proves yet again that Australians have no taste for the finer things in life. Barry Mackenzie is such a poor role model. This is the time he met up with Karl Popper.


As far as I know, that's not available for sale. It's not on their official merchandise site. At the live shows, Geddy has been "introducing" that as either "my little friend" or "the one member of the band that takes orders from me."

And charming as it may be, they remain both a passion (the music anyway) and a hobby. Two quick stories:

1. I was at the show in Saratoga Springs on July 5 and at the intermission, two different people stopped by who recognized/knew me from my involvement with fan communities on the web. My concert companion said "what does it say about you that you might be more well-known as a Rush fan than an economist?"

2. This week, I'm wrapping up IHS L&S at Vanderbilt. The historian is Brad Birzer from Hillsdale. Turns out he's a big prog rock fan. We start talking and it further turns out that he was involved with a Rush online community back in the 90s and *immediately* remembered me from those days, even though we didn't know each other professionally.

Worlds were colliding Jerry, worlds were colliding!

I could go on also about how the band are role models for doing what you love, doing it with passion and doing it with integrity and world-class skill and holding yourself to the highest of standards of performance. Values, I think, than anyone and everyone should aspire to in any endeavor. You don't have to like their music to appreciate their skill, passion, and integrity, not to mention still playing 3 hour+ shows in their mid 50s! We all should be kicking ass so awesomely as we age. ;)

I don't get it, why does Steve like Rush Limbaugh?

That seems so out of character.

Oh, I get it now.

Steve, If you are going to be a groupie for a rock band, why not for one that is actually in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame like, oh say, Madonna? Now there is a real rock artist.


That was an incredible episode of Colbert. And the Seinfeld reference in your comment took it to a new flaming globes of Sigmund. Thanks for the pointer.

Hey Subros, you know that Neil Peart is a Madonna fan, don't you? Seriously.

Austrian economics and Rush. Made my day!

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