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The spin that Hitler put on fascism has made it almost impossible to discuss the topic in a dispassionate mannner. That is unfortunate because it would be illuminating to trace the implications of collectivism from Plato to Mussolini's Italy, the New Deal, New Labor in Britain, the UE and the bipartisan support for big, intrusive government in the land of the free. Whitehead described western philosophy as footnotes to Plato and that is most obvious in political philosophy, and practice.


I could not agree more. I would love for some of those with the "sociological imagination" to undertake such a project.

Is it possible to trace the consequences of collectivism (e.g., the New Deal) without a working knowledge of economics?

Thanks Brian! Alvin Gouldner was a sociological "shooting star" in the '70s. He helped to destroy the status of Talcott Parsons and he wrote a book called "Enter Plato" (as a sociologist) without bothering to mention "The Open Society and its Enemies" (1945) that showed how Plato anticipated many Marxist themes. "The Open Society" is far too long but fortunately there is a condensed version on line.

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